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We're proud to be rated 4.1/5 on Google. Register now and see for yourself why patients say we're the best GP surgery in the area.

I have been a patient here for around 15 yrs and despite moving away from immediate area have absolutely stayed put! Dr Dadhania is outstanding, has always spent time, listened to & supported me.
December 2022
Lovely people from top to bottom. never been disappointed, its nearly a pleasure to go. Easy to get to by bus or by car
September 2022
Can I just say a huge thank you to the NHS they just don't save live they help you what is the write decision and what is not so thank you NHS.
January 2021
Very friendly and helpful reception staff and Dr Dadhania is a very approachable person who does not go all technical in explaining what's happening during a consultation.
January 2018
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At St Georges Road Surgery, we make it easy for you to get an appointment. With our hassle-free online bookings, you no longer need to call reception or visit the practice in-person to get an appointment. That means you can request an appointment at any time of the day, even at weekends.

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St Georges Road Surgery Aerial Photo
St Georges Road Surgery

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The team at St Georges Road Surgery would like to make your visit as relaxed and convenient as possible. You'll find plenty of free parking spaces on-site, so you won't need to worry about feeding the meter or getting a ticket.

We're a short drive or bus journey from the Coventry city centre and train station. Our practice is conveniently located for anyone living in or around Coventry.

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Coventry University GP FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

Can students at Coventry University register for a GP online?

The ability to register with a GP online may vary depending on the GP practice. Some practices may offer online registration services, while others may require you to visit the practice in person. Check the GP practice's website or contact them directly to see if online registration is available.

How can international students get healthcare while studying at Coventry University?

International students studying at Coventry University can access healthcare services through the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK. Here's how they can do it:

  1. Register with a GP: As mentioned earlier, international students can register with a local GP practice near their university accommodation or campus. The process for registration is the same as for domestic students.
  2. Access NHS services: Once registered with a GP, international students can access a wide range of healthcare services provided by the NHS. These services include general medical care, specialist referrals if needed, and access to medications (some of which may require payment, depending on their visa and immigration status).
  3. Health insurance: It's important for international students to check their specific visa requirements and whether they need private health insurance in addition to the NHS services.

Please note that healthcare policies and processes can change, so it's essential for students to keep themselves informed about the latest healthcare guidelines and regulations while studying at Coventry University. The university's official website and the NHS website should be reliable sources for the most up-to-date information.

How to register for a GP at Coventry University?

To register for a GP at Coventry University, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Find a local GP practice: Search for a GP practice located close to your accommodation or the university campus. You can use online directories or the National Health Service (NHS) website to find GP practices near you.
  2. Contact the GP practice: Once you have chosen a GP practice, contact them by phone or visit their website to inquire about the registration process and check if they are accepting new patients.
  3. Complete registration forms: The GP practice will provide you with registration forms to fill out. These forms may require information such as your personal details, previous medical history, and NHS number (if you have one). 
  4. Provide necessary documents: You may need to show proof of your identity (e.g., passport) and university enrollment (e.g., student ID) during the registration process.
  5. Attend a new patient health check (this is often optional but recommended so that your GP can understand your current state of health and medical history).

How can students at Coventry University see a GP?

Once you have registered with a GP, you can make an appointment to see them when you need medical assistance. Most GP practices offer appointments for routine check-ups, general health concerns, and non-emergency medical issues. You can typically book appointments by phone or through the practice's website.

When to register with a GP at Coventry University?

It is advisable to register with a GP as soon as possible after arriving at Coventry University. It's important to have access to healthcare services in case you need medical attention during your studies: don’t wait until you need it to register.


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